Cookie Walk, December 13


  1. Bake several batches of ONE of your favorite holiday cookies (or candy).
  2. Deliver your donations to Schadewald Hall before the church service on December 13.
  3. Participate in the worship service at 10:00am on December 13.
  4. Return to Schadewald Hall to pick up a cookie box and proceed along the tables laden with a multitude of freshly baked holiday cookies.
  5. Stop at the weigh and pay station to have your box weighed.  Our price continues to be $5.00 per pound.
  6. Take cookies home and ENJOY!

 You do not need to contribute baked goods to be a buyer.  All are welcome to participate.  Men, women and children are encouraged to back AND to buy.  It’s a fun activity and a great fund raiser for the Women’s Guild.  Thank you for your generous support.

Christa Conlin and Joyce Pinckney, Co-Chairs