CoVid 19 Updates and Zoom

                 So far it has been three weeks since the declaration of an emergency and everything started getting different. For us it began with the announcement that Kingston Schools were closed on Friday, and then it began snowballing from there. Now we are officially entering the second week in which we are under an order for all who are nonessential workers to work from home, and people are told that unless it is necessary to stay at home.

                I’ll be honest I have already see the cracks start to show in us abiding by this. People are getting cabin fever at a level that I have not seen. People whose lives are at risk for health and age reasons are going out and about to pop in and stop by. I understand the need to get out and socialize. Being with the kids and not getting a break for almost three weeks has been.. stressing. The reality is that this is not normal and the fact that protecting ourselves and others through staying at home is very difficult and can feel very isolating.

                This Sunday is Palm Sunday. And because of the virus we will not worship and have palms in the normal way. But we will have palm crosses which have been sanitized, and if you would like one as Lisa Longto circulates through the parking lot nod and let her know to leave one on your wiper.

                Next Thursday is Maundy Thursday, and Friday is Good Friday. I am working on a few options for us to worship on these holy days and yet keep safe. Unfortunately, this Holy Week is going to be different and new, and it is going to be a time of raw emotion for us. But it is also a chance for us to set the weight of our world in God’s very capable hands.

                And then there is Easter. And here in lies the greatest struggle. Normally we would go visit family and friends. We would watch children run around to and fro hunting for plastic eggs filled with goodies. On a normal Easter we would have a Sunrise Service and a regular service, with a brunch in the middle. We would enter the sanctuary to the beauty and smells of dozens of spring flowers, who remind us of the new life which comes through the resurrection.

                Easter is going to be different. The flowers will be in the sanctuary and the list of memorials will be placed in the bulletin. A picture will be posted on the website and Facebook so that you all can see them. If you purchased flowers they will be available for pick up at the main church door and can be picked up by driving up to the table. Please remain in your car and they will be brought to you. They will have had their bases sanitized.

                Another wrinkle is that we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper. We will be using prepackaged individual elements. The ushers will distribute them if you feel comfortable please signal to them how many you need. Also if you are not comfortable please signal that to the ushers as well.

                Last Sunday we tested out worship with Zoom. If you are interested in joining together in worship online please email Dorothy at and we will send you the invitation. Also with so many churches not worshiping I would like you to feel free to share and invite others to join us either in the parking lot or on Zoom.


Blessings to you all, stay safe, stay connected and stay faithful,


Rev. Bill