Some Thoughts and an Update


Sisters and Brothers, I would like to say thank you. For the grace that has been shown, for the patience as we seek to be together in worship and spiritually while maintaining a safe social distance. This is not easy and the end is coming at some point but not as soon as any of us would like and prefer. One of the hardest parts of this is that we are different people, different ages, backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds. We all have anxieties and worries. And we in the state of New York are just the residents of one of the fifty states. There are people in other states who are facing very different sets of circumstances.

This much has been all too apparent as I have spoken with family over the last few weeks. Each one of my siblings lives in a different state and each state is moving at a different speed. You might think that since that with three of us being ministers serving congregations there might be commonality, and there is but there is also much difference. Add to that that my brother is the administrator for another church and my little sister is the children’s ministries coordinator and what it adds us to is that there are five different experiences of congregations in the midst of the current pandemic.

But this doesn’t just affect churches. Sara was just letting me know of how hard this was hitting a friend of ours. He is a small business owner who runs a coffee shop in Michigan. I’m sure that all of you know of a person who is similarly hard hit by the restrictions as well as fear of the virus.

                One of the hardest things is that we are also approaching Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter. We are coming close to the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and things do not show signs of letting up. So that you know we are working on ways in which worship might be both meaningful as well as existing within the constraints of our current reality. It is a time when family gathers together to share fun and meals. And yet there is the current reality.

                As a parent I have already had to field the question of what this means for Easter baskets and the like. I hope that I answered Liam’s question well enough but the reality is that I also hope that he and Barb have the grace to understand that Sara and I are trying. The current situation is testing us. It is testing the grace which we offer to one another. It is testing our humanity as we are challenged to care for and put others first and not our own wants and desires.

                Worship this Holy Week will likely look a bit different. But we are working to make it meaningful. It is challenging, but the church has weathered challenges before. Hopefully as our reality for Holy Week gets clearer I will be able pass the plan along. But until then keep the faith, keep in contact while keeping a social distance, and most of all trust in God. I hope to see you all Sunday.



Rev. Bill