Where in the World is Dr. Gram?

 “Where in the World is Dr. Gram?” ...A short TV show from Hurley television

On Sunday, August 26th, 2012, Dr. Gram was away on vacation, and had arranged for Rev. Arlene Wilhelm to present the service in his absence. It had not been announced that he wouldn’t be there, so there was an opportunity to surprise the congregation by projecting a slideshow announcement from Dr. Gram with a greeting for the congregation. After some discussion of this, it was decided that it could be interesting to go a bit further and present an “on-location report” from Dr. Gram.

Various other HRC presentations, such as the children’s Christmas programs, have made references to Hurley’s own radio and television station, “WHNY: Hurley, New York.” Unencumbered by the detail that such a station might not actually exist, here is the on-location report as it would have been broadcast if that TV station DID exist, reporting on “Where in the World is Dr. Gram?” And it should be noted that this was recorded on a smartphone and actually was transmitted to us as an on-location report.

On a more serious note, Dr. Gram included these comments in his presentation:

      “This is what I value more than anything...

      Wherever I am, you’re in my heart, in my soul, and in my mind.

      And if I’m able to climb mountains, it’s because of your support.

      I’m privileged to be your pastor, and just know that we’re going to

      summit the mountains together... not literally, maybe, but metaphorically.”

This short program was presented after the sermon, during the Announcements portion of August 26th service.


To watch the video, turn on your speakers and click below:

On Location Report   (8 minutes)